Agnipath Scheme Analysis Explained - UPSC Aspirants Must Know

Since you are a UPSC aspirant, you might have read several news articles about The Agnipath Scheme that the government of India has launched recently.

As a UPSC aspirant, you should know its other side ie; the Analysis of the Agnipath Scheme. In this article, you will get a detailed analysis of the Agnipath scheme.

So let's read.

PS: If you don't know what the Agnipath scheme is, please, refer to what is Agnipath Scheme is?

 Note: Opinions expressed in the article don't reflect facts. 

Agnipath Scheme Explained - UPSC Aspirants Must Know
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Agnipath Scheme Analysis for UPSC 

Do you think the Agnipath scheme is a positive step towards reducing unemployment?

In my opinion, this scheme will reduce the unemployment rate to some extent. It will give many young people an opportunity to work in the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air force. As we all know how much scary our country's unemployment rate is. With this scheme, it will be reduced. As per the government, those who will be recruited through this scheme will continue their education while serving the country. It also argues that those candidates who will be recruited via this scheme will be more disciplined and focused. I do agree with some points of the government. However, there are some other negative sides as well to this scheme. 
The Agnipath Scheme Explained - UPSC Aspirants Must Know

Though the government is arguing that this scheme will reduce unemployment, we should not ignore its cons. Firstly, those who will be selected (also called Agniveers) via this recruitment scheme will not be able to get family benefits which used to be there for army families. Secondly, of the total selected candidates, only 25% of candidates can continue their services. Other 75% of candidates have to leave the service. This will create a lot of problems for them. First, they will lag behind the candidates who are preparing for competitive exams such as UPSC, SSC, etc. They will not have as much energy as other students to compete in the competitive exams. Hence, they won't be able to crack competitive exams. However, if they will be given reservation in such exams, then they can crack such competitive exams. Second, they won't be able to fit in the co-operate jobs as well. Because corporate sectors demand skills and experience. They won't have any such experience except army skills. If they will be taught technical and currently demanding skills during their services, it may help them in the future to secure their future by getting jobs in corporate and other sectors. 

What do you think about why govt launched the Athe path scheme? What is the main purpose of launching the scheme?

The government of India wants to reduce the defense budget expenditure on army personnel and wants to spend that money on the up-gradation of its armed equipment and technology. It's a great idea though. It will help India to compete with the U.S.A and other superpower countries. However, we should not put our soldier's futures at stake. Since Agniveers would not get pension facilities, it will save the defense budget. That amount can be spent on the modernization of weapons and ammunition. Another motive of this scheme is that it wants to produce disciplined citizens. I agree with this point. I think those who will be recruited via this will be disciplined and hardworking. They can also serve society in some other ways after completing their four years of duty. Furthermore, they will get many other benefits as well like reservation in other forces like Police. Also, they can avail of loan benefits for starting their businesses from the banks. 

Do you think Agnipath Scheme is a positive step or not?

I am not completely the opposite. I respect the government's decision as they take decisions after considering different sides. However, the government should take advice from other criticism folks into account as well. They should listen to them. If needed, they should make amendments to the Agniveer Scheme.

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