Essay on Global Warming in 300+ Words For Students

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Essay on Global Warming

Essay On Global Warming in 300 Words

What is Global Warming

Global warming means rising of earth's average temperature due to increase in greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, CFCs, & HFCs. Greenhouse gases trap the heat of the sun in earth's surface. This causes a huge rise in temperature of earth. This effect ultimately leads to Global Warming.
This doesn't mean that greenhouse gases are bad for our earth. In fact, the greenhouse gases have several advantages as well. Without greenhouse gases, life on earth is next to impossible. Greenhouse gases holds onto some of earth's heat energy, so that it doesn't escape from the earth outside the earth's atmosphere. In simple terms, greenhouse gases maintain our Earth's temperature. 

Causes of Global Warming

There are various which contribute to Global Warming. Some of the causes of Global Warming are as under:
  • Power Generation.
  • Manufacturing of Goods.
  • Deforestation.
  • Using Vehicles.
  • Volcanic Eruption.
  • Agriculture.
  • Forest Blazes, etc.

Power Generation

Producing electricity and heat require a lot of fossil fuels. When fossils such as coal, oil, and natural gases are burnt, these produce a lot of carbon emissions. And these carbon emissions ultimately leads to Global Warming.

Manufacturing of Goods

Manufacturing of goods also needs burning of fossil fuels to extract iron, steel, gold, cement, etc from the earth. This process also produces manufacturing emissions. The emissions ultimately adds up to the global warming causes.


When trees are cut, the ecological balance gets affected. Cutting of forests adds carbon dioxide to the environment & the existing carbon dioxide remains unabsorbed. As carbon dioxide increases, global warming also increases. 

Volcanic Eruptions

When volcanoes eruption happen, they produce large amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. The sudden increase of such gases in the environment, can lead to sudden increase in climate warning. This is also one of the cause of global warming.

Using Vehicles

Using vehicles are a major cause of global warming. Vehicles produce large amount of vehicle emissions such as carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. These gases contribute to global warming. 

Now, let's know the effects of global warming:

Effects of global warming

  • Global warming leads to high chances of drought and water scarcity.
  • Global warming increases severe diseases such as malaria, cholera, etc.
  • Global warming leads to floods and untimely raining.
  • One major consequence of global warming is rising of temperature all over the globe. Over the past 100 years, the average temperature of earth has increased by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Scientific researches project that extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts, glacier melting, rainstorms will continue to rise more often and intensely due to global warming.
  • Global warming makes our air dirtier. 
Now, the question remains, What can be done to decrease global warming?

Actions to reduce global warming

  • Instead of using vehicles, we should try to bicycles. Walking or cycling will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. And it's also beneficial for our health.
  • To make our planet global warming free, we should use solar energy instead of burning coal and fossil fuels to produce energy.
  • We should not cut trees and plants. We should make afforestation our daily routine. 
  • To reduce global warming, we should recycling, reusing and repairing techniques. These simple techniques will save a lot of energy. 
  • Use electric cars: If you are planning to buy a car, go for an electric one. These cars produce less carbon emissions.

Paragraph on Global Warming in 100 Words

Global warming is a phenomenon in which the temperature of earth increases beyond the average temperature of our Earth because of increased amounts of greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, etc.

The increase in such gases can be caused due to various factors, such as;
  • Volcanic Eruptions.
  • The gases that emit from refrigerators.
  • Deforestation.
  • Industrial emissions.
  • Agricultural wastes.
  • Car emissions.
Now, let's discuss the effects of global warming. 

Global warming can create several problems in our environment. It can lead to ecological imbalance. It disturbs the human as well as plant lives. It can lead to untimely raining. Apart from it, global warming causes melting of glaciers. It can also affect our agricultural lands. This also causes the rise in sea level. Extreme weather conditions such as floods, droughts, cyclones are happening so often because of global warming. Oceans get acidified due to rise in climate temperature.

We need to take immediate actions to reduce global warming. We should try to plant more trees. In addition, we should not let anyone cut trees. We should make sure, we save energy. Awareness programmes should be created to aware people regarding global warming.  We should use renewable energy instead of non-renewable energy. We should try to reduce water waste. We should stop wasting our food. 

10 Lines on Global Warming Essay

  1. Global warming means sudden and unexpected increase in earth's average temperature.
  2. There are natural as well as man-made causes behind it.
  3. Natural causes include: Natural Forest Fires, Melting Permafrost, Volcanic Eruptions, etc.
  4. Man made factors of global warming are: Vehicles, Industrial Emissions, Deforestation, Agricultural Wastes, Power Generation, Manufacturing of Goods, etc.
  5. There are several causes of global warming.
  6. The first one is; it increases the chances of getting sick.
  7. It leads to ozone depletion.
  8. It leads to increase in the sea level.
  9. It causes floods, droughts, cyclones, etc.
  10. We should take immediate steps to reduce global warming. We can do it by afforestation, using renewable energy sources, saving water and food, etc.

FAQ on Essay On Global Warming

What is global warming?

Rise in earth's average temperature.

What causes global warming?

Global warming is caused due to increased amount of greenhouse gases, such as Carbon Dioxide.

How to prevent global warming?

Global warming can be prevented by using renewable sources of energy and by planting more and more trees. 

Which gases are responsible for global warming?

The gases which cause global warming are Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, CFCs, HFCs, etc.

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Essay on Global Warming in 300+ Words For Students

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