10 Lines on My Village Essay In English Students

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10 Lines on My Village In English Students

10 Lines on My Village In English Essay

  1. The name of my beautiful village is ABC which in falls in Anantnag district of Kashmir Valley.
  2. Due to studies, I am living away from my village.
  3. I often visit my village.
  4. My village is blessed with green and beautiful trees. 
  5. The people living in my village, are kind and generous.
  6. There are 2 mosques and 1 temple in my village.
  7. Everyone in my village loves to do farming. 
  8. Each person of my village is hardworking and dedicated.
  9. Farmers of my beautiful village toil their days on their agricultural fields.
  10. I am proud of my village and I love my beautiful village very much.
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10 Lines on My Village Essay In English 

  • My village is in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • The name of my village is Schichan.
  • It is situated near the bank of river "Brengi''.
  • The village is very small.
  • That is why it is clean and tidy.
  • There are 2 children parks and 1 marriage hall in my village.
  • The people of my village have apple and pear orchards.
  • There are 2 government and 1 private schools in my village.
  • The people of my village are simple and hardworking.
  • Though there are no tall buildings and houses in my village, it's serene and peaceful. 

10 Lines Essay on my village in English

  • My village name is Dialgam.
  • It falls in Kashmir valley.
  • The most important thing I love about my beautiful village is that it is serene and peaceful.
  • There is a beautiful mountain near my village.
  • Everyone is respected in my village irrespective of their religion and caste.
  • There are 1 mosque and 2 temples in my village.
  • Our village is blessed with nature.
  • There is greenery all around my village.
  • Most people of my village are engaged in farming and agriculture.
  • Tourists love to visit my village because of its natural beauty.
  • I love my village so much.
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10 Lines Essay on My Village in English

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