Essay on Dowry System in 600+ Words

Essay on Dowry System in 600+ Words

In this article "Essay on Dowry System in 600+ Words" we will provide you a detailed essay on Dowry System.

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Dowry System Essay 

There are numerous problems in our society such as; Caste system, illiteracy, superstitions, late marriages, corruption, unemployment, and dowry system, etc. Even in these days of advanced technology and so called civilized society, we are drowned in Dowry System, social evil.

Dowry system is one of the worst evils in the present era. The word dowry means; the money and property that a bride gives to her husband's home at the time of her marriage. 

Dowry system is a great menace, or evil in our society. Because of the system, a no of poor girls end their lives by committing suic*des. & a handful of girls remain unmarried. 

Dowry System traps the parents of the bride into debt. Because of this menace many parents sell their properties, belongings, & land to pay dowry for their daughters.

The dowry system is a source of both happiness  and sorrow. Happiness to the males who take it and sorrow to those who sell their every single property to pay for this (dowry system) evil.

Even after marriage, the in-laws of the bride demand more for dowry and inflict harrasments, insults, mental and physical tortures to the bride.

This mence/evil must be completely eradicated from our society. Everyone's efforts are required to remove the same  once for all. Radio, Television, Social Media, Newspapers, Magzines, Internet, Programs, Online Campaigns, etc should be used to aware the common people about this dowry system. Moral education and values  lessons must be given in schools, colleges, universities and in homes as well. The education centres can bring a massive change in the minds of people.

The government can also play a pivotal role in eradication of the evil but the cooperation of common people is very important. The parents should impart moral values in their children. Anyone who demands dowry must be punished.

To summarise, I request everyone of you not to take any kind of dowry.  

10 Lines on Dowry System

  • Dowry system is a great menace/evil in our society.
  • Because of this dowry many poor girls remain unmarried.
  • Dowry system is one of the reasons of late marriages.
  • Every year, so many girls end their lives because of the evil.
  • Many parents sell their properties to pay dowry for their daughters.
  • It must be completely eradicated from our society.
  • Government must take an action against those who demand it.
  • The ones who demand dowry must be punished strictly.
  • Awareness should be imparted regarding dowry system in schools, colleges and universities.
  • T.V Programs, Radio, Internet, Social Media, Professional Media can play an important role in eradicating the menace.
  • At last, I request you all not to take or give dowry.

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