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My Vision For India in 2047 Essay

India got freedom from Britishers after 200 years of slavery in the year 15th August 1947.

India will celebrate its 100th anniversary of Independence in the year 2047.

On this very special occasion I want to express My vision for India in 2047.

My vision for India in 2047

My vision for India in 2047 are as under;

Poverty Free India:

My vision for India is India should be poverty free by the year 2047.  Govt of India should take various measures for the eradication of poverty in India.

Like; Skill education must be imparted free. 

In the words of the Noble prize winner Mr. Nelson Mandela – “Poverty is not natural, it is manmade”.

The above mentioned statement is true, the poverty is not natural but manmade. 

The other causes are; Lack of education, Lack of Skills, Lack of financial education, Lack of Infrastructure and political instability etc

The government of India has taken some steps to eradicate poverty; creating employment and controlling population etc.

Hunger Free India:

According to the Global Hunger Index; India has got 101 rank. We are behind our neighbouring countries Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. My vision for India in 2047 is our country should be hunger free. 

No child Labour: 

Children are the leaders of tomorrow. They are the purest souls. Children labour is considered a serious crime all across the world. According to the UNICEF ; Child labour is a type of work which is performed by children below the age of 18 years.

Children have right to education. They must be educated. My vision for India in 2047 is ; the Complete eradication of child labour.

No discrimination:

I aspire that in our country there should have equal rights to all regardless of their financial status. 

Free education:

My vision for India is that everyone should get proper and free education by 2047

No place for Communal Violence:

My vision for India is that there should be communal harmony all across the country. Those who try to incite communal violence must be punished. 

Equal Rights For Men and Women:

We should not discriminate between men and women. Everyone should get equal rights regardless of gender. 

Self Reliant India: 

I want India to be self reliant. Also, I want to see it the largest economy in the world by 1947.  We all must work together day in and day out  to achieve the goal.  

Developed Country:

I also want India to be in the list of developed countries by 2047.

Conclusion of My Vision of India in 2047

In short, I want to see my India Prosperous, Healthy, Corruption Free, Self Reliant, Poverty free, Hunger Free & developed County in the world.

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