The Rainy Season Essay For Students 100, 150, 300 Words

Essay on the Rainy Season for students 

The rainy season, also known as the wet or monsoon season, is the most beautiful season in  India. It starts in June and ends in the last weeks of September. In the rainy season, rainfall occurs very often. The intensity of rain varies from one region to the other. As we know, India is a hot country, so the rainy season brings relief to farmers, plants, and animals, etc. It not only brings rain with it but also humidity and strong winds.

The rainy season is so much advantageous. But it can also prove lethal if safety measures are not taken. Because sometimes its  rainfall leads to floods. And flood is the mother of destruction. Floods can claim the lives of many people and animals. So it's better to be prepared for the worst at the very start of the rainy season. 

In the rainy season, children enjoy and fiddle with the rain. Peacocks spread their wings. In rainy season herbs and shrubs look very green and attractive. Rivers, ponds, and lakes get plenty of water in the season. It fulfills the water need of farmers across the country. It also gets us rid of the intense heatwaves of Summer. Many people like to visit Kashmir and Shimla during the rainy season. In the rainy season, many contagious diseases disappear. It also improves the quality of air. The atmosphere becomes quite serene and beautiful during the rainy season. In the months of the rainy season, the sky remains dark and cloudy. Everyone irrespective of age loves to get wet in the rainy season. Everyone is in love with it. Numerous poems have been written on the rainy season. So many writers praise it in their works. 

At last, I would like to end the rainy season essay with the following lines; 

I can not imagine how much I love the rainy season.

Now, 10 lines on the rainy season essay. 

10 Lines on Rainy Season

  1. In India, the rainy season lasts for months.
  2. The rainy season is the most beautiful and desirable season of the year.
  3. The rainy season is also called the monsoon/wet season.
  4. Rainfall, humidity, winds are the characteristics of the rainy season.
  5. The rainy season is so much beneficial for farmers, plants, and animals.
  6. In the rainy season, the scarcity of water gets fulfilled.
  7. In India, the rainy season comes as a relief after the hot summer.
  8. The children love to play with rain during the rainy season.
  9. People love to stay indoors and watch T.V during the rainy season.
  10. I am in love with the rainy season.
Essay on rainy season

FAQ's on the Rainy season Essay.

Which month is the rainy season?

June to September.

What is the rainy season also called?

The wet season and Monsoon Season.

Which is the coldest place in India?

Drass Leh.

Rainy season in India starts from?

June to September.

Is the rainy season beautiful season?

Yes, the rainy season is beautiful.
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Paragraph on rainy season

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