Most important July Current Affairs Quiz 2021

Hello there, In this article, we have listed the most important current affairs of July. So, read and note all the questions.
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Current affairs july 2021

Most important Current Affairs of July 2021 Quiz 

First, we will have a look at the important dates of July, which may be asked in the exam.

When is the National Doctor's Day Celebrated? 
Ans: July 1st, National Doctor's Day is celebrated to honor the great Physician and second Chief Minister of Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.
When is National Chartered Accountants Day?
Ans: July 1st, To commemorate the establishment of ICAI- The second-largest body of Chartered Accountants in the world.
When is G.S.T Day Celebrated?
Ans: July 1st.
When is International of Co-operatives Day Celebrated?
Ans: 3 July. 
When is World Zoonoses Day celebrated?
Ans: 6 July. 
What is the main motive of World Zoonoses Day?
Ans: To honor the French Biologist Louis Pasteur, who successfully developed the first vaccine against rabies a zoonotic disease.
When is world population Day celebrated?
Ans: 11 July
What was the theme of 2021's World population day ?
Ans: "The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on fertility."
When is Malala Day Celebrated?
Ans: 12 July.
When is world youth skill day celebrated?
Ans: 15 July.
What was the theme of the world youth skill day of 2021?
Ans: The future youth skill.
When is world day for International justice observed?
Ans: 17 July.
What was the theme of the world day for international justice 2021?
Ans: A calm for Social Justice in the digital economy.
When is Nelson Mandela International Day observed?
Ans: 18 July and the theme was "One Hand Can Feed Another."
When is the World Chess Day Celebrated?
Ans: 20 July. 
What is the motive of World Chess Day?
Ans: "Teach Someone How to Play Chess"
When is National broadcasting Day Celebrated?
Ans: July 23.
When is National Income Day Observed?
Ans: 24 July.
When is Kargil Vijay Divas Observed?
Ans: 26 July.
When is World Hepatitis Day Celebrated?
Ans: 28 July.
What was the theme of World Hepatitis Day of 2021?
Ans: "Hepatitis can not wait.''
International Tiger Day is celebrated on...
Ans:  29 July. And the theme of 2021 was " Their Survival In Our Hands."
World Range Day is Celebrated on.....
Ans: 30 July.

Now, Current Affairs of July 2021.

Which country built the world's second-largest Hydroelectric Dam?
Ans: China.
Who became the youngest cricketer to debut all forms of cricket?
Ans: Shefali Verma.
Where was Asia's  Longest High-Speed Track inaugurated by Prakash Javadekar?
Ans: Indore.
Who has been appointed as a new Director-General of Police of U.P?
Ans: Mukul Goyal.
Which Company recently made India's indigenous defense drone "Indrajaal''?
Ans: Grene Robotics.
Who became the youngest Chess Grand Master in the world?
Ans: Abhimanyu Mishra.
Who is the first Chess Grand Master of India?
Ans: Vishwanath Anand.
Which app has been launched by Flipkart to train 25 million online entrepreneurs?
Ans: Shopsy.
Which country was recently declared Malaria free by W.H.O?
Ans: China.
Who has written Anomalies in Law and Justice?
Ans: R.V Ravindran.
Which country has recently banned the death penalty at the federal level?
Ans: The United States of America.
In which city of Rajasthan will the country's second-largest cricket stadium be built?
Ans: Jaipur.
Who is the third woman of Indian origin to travel space?
Ans: Sirisha Bandla.
Which country's airline has been awarded the World's Airline of the Year Award?
Ans: Korean Airlines.
Jim Whitehurst has resigned as the chairman of which electronic company?
Ans: IBM.
Department of Public Enterprises has been brought under which ministry?
Ans: Finance Ministry.
Where is the National Dolphin Research Center being established?
Ans: Patna.
In which city has the world's deepest Dive Pool been constructed?
Ans: Dubai.

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