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Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte Summary 

Jane Eyre is a poor orphan girl who is living with her aunt Mrs. Reed. Unfortunately, her aunt treats her badly. One servant whose name is Bessie is very kind to her. She tries almost everything to console the little poor girl. One day her cousin picks up a fight with Jane. Even though it wasn't Jane's fault, she's punished for the same. Her aunt, Mrs. Reed, shuts Jane into a dark room. They call it the Red Room. It's the same room in which Jane's uncle Mr. Reed breathed his last. The poor girl is all alone there. The idea that there is her uncle's ghost, haunts her all the time. This makes her as scare as hell. Since she is locked into the room, she is unable to do anything about it.
She sits there wailing & crying all the time & faints. She wakes up & finds out Mr. Lloyd, standing next to her. He advises her aunt Mrs. Reed to send the poor little girl to a nearby orphanage school, Lowood School. Fortunately, Mrs. Reed concurs. 

Soon Jane Eyre is sent to Lowood School. Jane is not happy with the environment of the school either. It's unpleasant to her. The headmaster of the institution, Mr. Brocklehurst, is very cruel & doesn't treat Jane well. Jane gets to befriend a young girl named Helen Burns who helps Jane at every moment at the school. Unfortunately, Jane's friend, Helen Burns, dies of tuberculosis at a very young age. The epidemic (Tuberculosis that sweeps Lowood) attracts public attention to the unhygienic environment. The principal, Mr. Brocklehurst is fired & very kind gentlemen take his place. This brings a dramatic change in Jane's life. Jane soon gets a job (teacher) at the school. Jane Eyre teaches there for two years. This way Jane is able to complete her eight years tenure at the institution - 6 years as a student & 2 years as a teacher.

Soon after being a teacher for two years, Jane wants to gain new experiences. She wants to change her Job. She applies for a governess job at Thornfield Hall. To her surprise, she gets the job. Jane becomes governess of a cute and beautiful girl, Adele. Slowly and steadily Jane begins to fall in love with her employer, Mr. Rochester. Oneday, a fire breaks out at Thornfield Hall. This fire nearly kills Jane's employer, Mr. Rochester. However, Mr. Rochester is saved by Jane. Mr. Rochester claims that his servant, Grace Poole started the fire. However, Jane disagrJane.Jane gets shocked to know that Mr. Rochester loves her too. He confesses his love for Jane and wants to marry her. Jane was expecting Mr. Rochester to propose to Blanche Ingram ( A beautiful lady who is interested in Mr. Rochester because of his wealth and fortune). But that didn't happen. Since Jane also was in love with Mr. Rochester, she agrees to his proposal. 

The most joyous day (wedding) of their lives arrives. Mr. Rochester & Jane are getting ready for the function. They are about to exchange rings & vows, a man named Mr. Mason turns up at the church & declares that Rochester is a married man & can not marry again. The man introduces himself as his brother in law - Brother of Bertha. Mr. Rochester reveals everything about his previous marriage & claims that his wife, Bertha, is not mentally stable. Then Mr. Rochester asks Jane " Now that you know the truth, Do you trust me & will you marry me?" Knowing all this, Jane is not able to utter even a single word. The Next morning, she leaves the place & decides not to marry him. 

After leaving Thronfield, Jane has to suffer a lot. She was hungry & without food. She has no choice but to beg. She is homeless, so she sleeps anywhere she finds space. After suffering incessantly for straight three days, she finally gets to place where a clergyman named St. John Rivers resides with his two sisters named Mary & Diana. These generous beings allow her to stay with them. Jane quickly becomes friends with her new found family. Saint John Rivers also offers her a job as a school teacher. To their surprise, after spending some time with them, they get to know that they Jane is actually their cousin. The 3 siblings would bond to Jane's long forgotten uncle. Wow! What a happy reunion, Right? Wait, this is not the end, Jane learns that the same uncle had left 20K punds for her before leaving this world. It's a lot of money, isn't it? However, Jane is very generous and kind. She decides to share the money with her cousins. Now, another twist occurs in the story. John falls in love with the pretty girl Jane. He likes her very much. He does not want to let her go. 

Saint John Rivers tells Jane that he is planning to travel to India. He asks her if she is interested in going with him as his wife. However, Jane is shocked to know the same & finds it weird how can she marry her own cousin. Secondly, she loves someone else & she's not able to forget him. Jane disagrees to his marriage proposal. She tells Saint John Rivers, her cousin, " If you really want me to come with you, make me your sister instead of your wife." John is not happy with the reply. He makes a lot of efforts to persuade her. Jane too tries to convince herself of marrying her cousin. But she's not able to make a decision as she remains puzzled. 

One day whe she prepares herself to marry her cousin, she suddenly has this intuition that Mr. Rochester is calling her & he needs her. She can not stop herself and she rushes to see Mr. Rochester to Thornfield. When she reaches there she finds out that it has been burned to the ashes by Bertha Mason. People tell her that after setting the house on fire, Bertha jumped from the roof & died. Rochester also lost his hand and his eyesight in an attempt to save his wife and his servants. Now, Mr. Rochester is residing at this place called Ferndean with his two servants. 

Jane arrives at the Ferndean to see Mr. Rochester. She meets him, says sorry to him for leaving him alone. She then vows to take care of Mr. Rochester forever. They get married. At the end, Jane writes that she's happy & content. She has been married for ten blissful & happy years & she also says that after two years of their marriage,Mr. Rochester, regains eyesight in one of his eyes. They also bring back their daughter & have one more son. This brings us to the happy ending of Jane Eyre.

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