How To Write A Good Paragraph - Paragraph Writing Tips

Students & writers often get stuck while writing a paragraph. Don't worry, we will guide you & give you some important tips & tricks which will help you in putting your ideas into a good paragraph. Let's now know How To Write A Good Paragraph - Paragraph Writing Tips.

How To Write A Good Paragraph - Paragraph Writing Tips

Paragraph Writing Format & Tips

Paragraph Definition

A paragraph is a group of sentences that are structured together relating to a particular topic & conveys a single point.

Types of Paragraphs

  • Narrative Paragraph
  • Descriptive Paragraph
  • Expository Paragraph
  • Persuasive Paragraph
  • Explanatory Paragraph

Principles of Paragraph Writing

There are four key principles that make an effective and good paragraph. 


The first & foremost element that a paragraph should have is unity from the very beginning till the end. By unity we mean that each paragraph should deal with a single topic & idea. If you feel that you're deviating from the main idea, you better start a new paragraph.


The second principle of paragraph writing  is SEQUENCE. You should be able to put your sentences in a right order. Each idea should be arranged according to its importance & order. In addition, the most important sentences - First & last sentences should be clear. The first sentence of the paragraph must be used to arouse the reader's attention and interest. The last sentence should not make feel dissatisfied. It should satisfy the reader. In the last sentence you can serve a conclusion. 

The Topic Sentence

Wondering what a topic sentence is? A topic sentence is a sentence that conveys the main idea of any paragraph.

The topic sentence tell the reader what the paragraph is all about. Every paragraph must have a topic sentence as it is very important. In other words, a topic sentence is the heart of the paragraph. 


The third principle of paragraph writing is that it should have a variety of different types of sentences. It helps to avoid monotonous tone and format in the paragraph. Different types of sentences makes a paragraph look perfect & well crafted.

Paragraph Writing Steps


The most important step to write a good paragraph is to think up new ideas deliberately also known as brainstorming. When you get any idea write that down on your notebook without concerning about the grammatical mistakes and misspellings. Try to write as much as you possibly can. 

After you are done with idea collection it's time to eliminate the ideas which are not useful. Select some of the ideas from the outline & mark them. However, before marking any idea ask yourself: is this idea related to my main topic? 


Now that you have an outline of your paragraph ready, you need to structure them in the right sequence. Every sentence must be ordered in such a way that each sentence should be connected & must be arranged according to their importance.


Now the last step before proofreading is EDITING. While editing you paragraph, see if you can make any changes & can the paragraph be improved. In addition, make sure your paragraph is well organized. Ask yourself, does it fullfill the requirements of VARIETY, STRUCTURE, TOPIC SENTENCE & UNITY? And does it have a proper beginning and ending? 


After structuring you paragraph, you should proofread it. In proofreading we look for grammatical and spelling errors in our paragraph. If you find any such mistake in your paragraph clear that out.

Example of Paragraph:

F&Q on Paragraph Writing

What is Paragraph Writing?

A paragraph is a piece of writing that contains a group of sentences which convey a single idea or point. 

What are five steps of paragraph writing?

  • Deciding the topic you want to write about.
  • Brainstorming.
  • Structuring your paragraph.
  • Drafting.
  • Editing.
  • Proofreading.

What are the four types of paragraphs?

  1. Narrative Paragraphs.
  2. Persuasive Paragraphs.
  3. Explanatory Paragraphs.
  4. Descriptive Paragraphs.

What is the basic order of a paragraph?

A good paragraph starts with the topic sentence followed by few supporting sentences & then a conclusion or concluding sentence.

What makes paragraph effective?

A paragraph must have coherence, a topic sentence, well order, unity, & well development.

How do you begin a paragraph?

You should begin a paragraph with the topic sentence.

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