Speech on Bhagat Singh for Students in English 500+ Words

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Speech on Bhagat Singh for Students in English 

Bhagat was one of the famous and courageous Indian revolutionary who was born on 28th of September, 1907, into a Sandhu Jat family in Lyllpur, Punjab, India (Now Pakistan). Unfortunately, he died at a very young age as a martyr at 23. He has contributed a lot in the freedom struggle of India. 

During Indian freedom struggle against Britishers, India lost many daughters and sons, Bhagat Singh was one of them who was martyred at a very early age. That is why he is referred as Shaheed Bhagat Singh by everyone in India. He is also known as Shaheed-e-Azam. He was a great leader who could foresee situations. 

Bhagat Singh was an Indian Patriot who sacrificed his life for Indian freedom struggle. He also fought day and night for the division of India. He was a socialist who believed in social justice and peace. He was also one of the members who participated in the non cooperation movement.

When Lala Lajpatajpat Rai was killed by a British police officer, he decided to avenge his death. He was then charged and found in killing of the British police officer. 

Unfortunately, Bhagat Singh was hanged on 23rd of March, 1931, in a Lahore India (Now Pakistan).  He was just 23 years old when he was hanged by the Britishers.

His death sparked very strong patriotic feelings in the whole nation. His sacrifice proved motivation for many indian people to follow his path and fight against the British rule.

Speech on Bhagat Singh 500 Words in English

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Bhagat Singh was born on 28 September, 1907 in Sandhu Jat family in Punjab India, now Pakistan. He was a famous Indian revolutionary. He always stood against social injustice and oppression. It was all running in his blood. He left his school at the age of 13 to join Mahatama Gandhi's ideology.

He joined National College of Lahore to learn European revolutionary acts which inspired him a lot. He founded the Naujavan Bharat Sabha for national movements in 1925. He also joined Hindustan Republican Association where he got to interact and know famous revolutionaries of India. He aslo started to pour his thoughts in writing and started writing against British rule.

These activities of Bhagat Singh attracted the attention of Britishers towards him. He was got arrested in 1927. 

When Lala Lajpat Rai was killed brutally by the Britishers, Bhagat Singh decided to avenge his death. He was then found guilty in the killing of a British police officer. And he confessed it. And unfortunately he was hanged on 23 of March 1931 by the Britishers. 

His sacrifice is remembered with great respect and admiration. He was truly a man of social justice and peace. He served his country till his last breath. He was indeed a great leader and true patriot. He never feared death, he was always ready to die for this country.  He will be remembered forever.

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