Essay on Essential Qualities of a Model Student

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Essay on Essential Qualities of a Model Student

What is a model student? 

A model student is one who studies well, who is always willing to learn new things, and is obedient to his teachers and parents. A model student is a role model to his/her classmates.

Below are some other characteristics and Qualities of a model student.

Essay on essential qualities of a model student

Essential Qualities of a Model Student


A model student is industrious in nature. They know it is not easy to get an education, however, they work hard day in and day out to get good grades. They know that hardwork beats talent. 


A good student does his/her homework on time. He finishes and submits his assignment before the due date. A good student attends classes regularly. 


A model students likes to talk with everyone. Even if he is introverted, he doesn't mind talking and helping others in their studies and assignments.


Respecting teachers, parents, seniors and fellow classmates is an essential quality of a model student. That is why model students are loved by everyone.

Team Player

A model student is one who knows how to work in a team. And he likes to motivate other team members. Being cooperative, friendly, helpful and positive are also other essential qualities of a model student.

All Rounder

Apart from studies, a model student takes part in other co-curricular activities as well. He is not hesitant to take part in school morning assembly and other school programs.


Responsibility is one of essential qualities of a model student. A Model student never blames anybody. He knows what is important to him and what not.

Craving for Knowledge

A good student always craves for more relevant knowledge. It sharpens his mind and gives him an edge over other students. 

Overcomes Failures

A model student do not give up on his dreams. If he fails, he tries again and again. He learns from his failures. 


When it comes to making a decision, a model student uses reason and logic. He makes his decision wisely.

Knowledge Application

What is the point of learning big and faty books, if you don't apply your knowledge in real life. A model student is able to put his/her knowledge in real practice. 

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