Letter to your Friend in Hospital Format

Letter to your Friend in Hospital Format 

Hi Dear, In this article "Write a letter to your friend who is in hospital" we are going to know the format of a letter to your friend in hospital.
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Letter to your Friend in Hospital Format 1

18 West Road,
New Delhi, 202335
27 December, 2021
Dear Rohit,
I am sorry for hearing about your health conditions. I have just heard it from your elder brother that you have been hospitalized for the last three weeks. I am very sorry, If I had known, I should have written it way early before. But I am glad to know that you are now stable and you are getting better day by day. I hope you will be all right very soon, and we will meet again. As soon as you receive this letter of mine, write back and let me know how your health condition is.
Yours Very Sincerely,

Letter to your Friend in Hospital Format 2

19 West Road,
Anantnag, 135677
27 December, 2021
Dear Danish,
I was very sorry to hear about your health conditions and you are admitted in hospital. About a week ago you did told me that your are not feeling well and your are having fever and cough and back pain. I did not thought it would get worse.
Your Father informed me about your health. 
Since you are admitted in the hospital, you don't have to be worried now. I hope your health would get better soon. 
After you get out of the hospital, you should be careful about your diet and take rest for some time. 
You should eat healthy fruits. It will boost your metabolism. And also sleep well.
I hope you will abide by my advice & the advice of your doctors. 
Please, write me once you get the letter. Please, pay my respects to your father and mother & love to the little ones.
Yours Sincerely

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