Paragraph on The Tourist Place I Like the Most and Why? 150 Words

150 Word Paragraph on the Tourist Place I Like The Most and Why?

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If I were to choose between money and traveling, I would choose the latter. Because traveling gives us life lessons. It teaches us about the beauty of nature. And nature is the best teacher. 

As William Wordsworth puts it;
"Nature never did betray the heart that loved it."
I love to visit many tourist places. I feel very relaxed there. The songs of nature make me blissful. 

I have been to many tourist places like the Taj Mahal, Golden Temple, Shimla, Jamia Masjid, Ladakh, Shimla, etc. However, the paradise on earth, "Kashmir" is the best, and my favorite place that I have ever been to. 

There are multiple reasons why I am in love with Kashmir and its beauty. I love Kashmir because it is full of natural beauty. The air and the water there are so fresh and relaxing that they can bring back dead to life. The beauty of its lakes and rivers adds to its beauty.  Furthermore, Kashmir looks very charming and beautiful in all seasons. In winter, one can enjoy the snow. And in summer, one can visit many religious sites such as Dargah Hazratbal, Amarnath Yatra, etc. Also, Kashmiri's art and crafts are popular all over the world. The handmade things of Kashmir are in high demand all over India and other countries. That is why I am in love with Kashmir.

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