Essay on Russia and Ukraine War Conflict 2022

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"War is what happens when language fails."
Essay on Russia and Ukraine War Conflict 2022

Russia Ukraine War Conflict Essay 

Why do Wars Occur?

Wars occur when two individuals or two countries have disagreements on some political issues. The potential reasons may be competition over territory, or conflict on resources, historical rivalries or enmity, etc. At the end of the day, common people suffer economically, politically, socially and emotionally as well.

A war leads to hatred between two groups and two countries. It incites violence among people. It gives them reasons to hate each other. It is also responsible for poverty. 

Same is true with the Russia and Ukraine Conflict. It led to destructions and killings of thousands of civilians. Its intensity is not diminishing at all, but, increasing day by day.

Now, lets unveil the history of Russian & Ukrainian Conflict.

History of Russia Ukraine Conflict

The Rasso-Ukrainain War between Russian Separatist forces & Ukrain, has been going on for a long time, now. The war started following the revolution of dignity also known as Maidan Revolution. In the beginning, it was focused on the status of Crimea & parts of the Donbas. These parts are internationally recognised as Ukraine.

Following Putin's orders, Russia Invaded & eventually annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine in Feb. & Mar. 2014. The invasion took place in the aftermath of the Revolution of Dignity. 

Reasons of Russia Ukraine Conflict

The war in Donbas is one of the major causes of the conflict. 

Another reason of Russia and Ukraine Conflict is (NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization). A group of 30 Countries Including The United States, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, France, etc.

Ukraine wants to join this group (NATO) & the group is also willing to make Ukraine its member.

However, Russia doesn't want NATO to add Ukraine as a member. Because then NATO will be able to give support to Ukraine in case of any external threat or an attack.

Ukraine fears that Russia may again attack it as it has already annexed The Crimean Peninsula in February and March, 2014. According to Brookings, “Moscow’s invasion of Crimea" was “the biggest land-grab in Europe since World War II".

As per NATO's Rules, an attack on any country of its members is an attack against all its members. This is the principle of collective defence by NATO, which is stated in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty. This is the main reason why Russia opposes NATO membership to Kyiv.
Russia do not want NATO to support Ukraine. It thinks if Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, NATO may try to get back The Crimean Peninsula which it annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

How will Russia Ukraine Conflict Impact the World?

  • With global transport already hit badly by the aftermath of the pandemic, the Russian & Ukrainian war would worsen it further.
  • Since many European countries are dependent on Russia for energy especially gas via pipelines, the harsh sanctions on Russia would make it very difficult for European countries to be able to import gas from Russia.
  • The conflict between Russia and Ukraine would lead to high prices of essential commodities. And it will subsequently lead to inflation.

How will India be impacted by Russia and Ukraine Conflict?

  • We are already witnessing the prices of essentials such as petrol, gas & other cooking items soaring. Thus is because of this conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
  • If it doesn't end as soon as possible, it may lead to hit our Economy growth and could lead to inflation.
  • Those students who study abroad in Ukraine and Russia will get affected. They won't be able to study.
  • Thousands of Indian people who work in Russia and Ukraine may lose their jobs. It may ultimately result in unemployment.

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Essay on Russia and Ukraine War Conflict 2022

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