Top 20+ Low Investment Business Ideas in Kashmir 2023

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Low investment business ideas in Kashmir

Low Investment Business Ideas in Kashmir 2023

The unemployment rate has reached its peak. We don't get any jobs. There is a scarcity of vacancies. Every sector, be it power department, banking sector, etc, is acquired by private companies. Let me tell you something - A government job is not everything. It's right that you get stability in a government job. However, in reality, government job can't make you rich and content. We all know, how valuable time is. When you get a job, you are selling your time in return you are getting few bucks. Time is precious. You should get most out of your life. 

I know, before getting a government job, we daydream about helping poor people after getting a job. Does that happen? Nah, even after we get some government job, that dream of ours remains dream forever.

I hope, by now, you would have gotten what I am trying to say. OK, lemme eloborate it for you: getting a government job makes you a slave of the government. You wait for your phone to ring a message tune of your salary. That is hilarious. If you really want to be happy and independent, you should start your own business. 

Now, this question " What to start? " might be perplexing you. Don't worry, I am here to guide in your business journey. I am gonna help you in figuring out what business to start?

Here are the top businesses you can start to earn your daily livelihood. 

List of Top 10+ Low Investment Business Ideas in Kashmir

Apple Business

Here in Kashmir Valley, 80 % of apple production account for the total apple production in India. The total apple revenue of Kashmir is around RS 1500 Crores. This is a huge business opportunity for you to start a business. You can buy and sell apples. You can sell either in apple orchards or packed apples in fruit Mandis. You can start this business and earn plenty of money. However, to start this business, you should start from small. After getting some experience then you can expand your business. 

Online Food Delivery Business

Though there are plethora of cafes and restaurants available over here in Kashmir, online food delivery companies are akin to zero. We lack online food delivery services. You can start an online food delivery business like Swiggy and Zomato.

The Food delivery service would cater not only to locals of Kashmir but also to tourists and students.

Social Media Management Business

There are plethora of influencers in Kashmir who might need a social media management service, this a good opportunity for business. You can start reaching them out and ask them if they are in a need of Social Media Management Services. 
Once you get some clients, you can then hire some people in your team & expand your business. This is a growing domain.

Car Cleaning Services

We all know the demand for cars has skyrocketed in Kashmir. This is a good business opportunity.  You can start offering car cleaning services to other people. Cleaning a car would hardly take you 30 minutes and people who need such would pay you a good amount of money.

Books Renting Business

If you are an avid reader like me, you would be aware of how much expensive it's to buy books. There are a lot of people who love to read books in Kashmir. But, they don't want to buy thousands of books. They read a book and then they never read that book again. If you can start to give books on rent to such persons, you can earn a lot of money.

Freelance Business 

Are you aware of the fact that many yougsters in Kashmir make thousands of dollars just by using their laptops and mobile devices. How do they do that? Well, they do freelancing. If you don't know what freelancing is. Do not worry, lemme tell you: Freelancing is working on different projects for other clients and companies. Wat, in this kind of business, you are not dependent on others. You can start working with whatever client or organization you are interested in.

Horticulture and Agriculture Business

Since you are Jammu and Kashmir, you would know the importance of horticulture and agriculture sector in Jammu and Kashmir. It's is one of the flourishing sectors of Jammu and Kashmir. This sector contributes a lot to the GDP of Jammu and Kashmir. The main fruits grown in Jammu and Kashmir are apples, Almonds, Walnuts, Cherries, Papaya, Guavas, and Apricots. 
According to the government, more than 33 Lakh people of Jammu and Kashmir are dependent on horticulture for their livelihood. 

Entrepreneurs and businessmen can grab this opportunity and start producing agri products. You can take this sector to the next level by your innovative ideas. There are so many students who started their career in agriculture and are earning lakhs of rupees per month. I repeat this is a good business opportunity.

Okay, don't worry. If you don't want to actively participate in agriculture because of your personal reasons, you can start buying and selling such products such as almonds, saffron, walnuts, etc. You just need to buy such products at a wholesale price and start selling the products at a slightly higher rate.

Sheep Farming Business

Jammu and Kashmir consumes around 600 Lakhs Kgs of mutton per year. Out of 600 Lakhs Kgs, 350 Lakhs Kgs are imported from other states of the country. This a huge business opportunity, why to import 350 Lakhs Kgs of mutton from other states. You can start your own business in sheep farming as there is a lot of demand of mutton.

Handcraft Business

Unfortunately, Handcraft Business is fading away slowly in Kashmir. Our Kashmir is famous for handcraft businesses all over the world. Handcraft is our traditional business. Jammu and Kashmir is known for handcrafted products like Carpet, Shawls, Namdha, paper mache in the world.

Below are the some famous handcrafted products of Jammu and Kashmir:
  • Kashmiri Shawals
  • Kashmiri Carpets.
  • Paper Mache.
  • Namdha.
  • Calico Painting.
  • Basohli Painting.
  • Wood Carving.
  • Chain Stich.
You can start your business in of these sectors and start earning money.

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Tourism Business in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is known as the crown of India. It's is also known as the paradise on earth because of its natural beauty. Many tourists from outside the state and from all over the world do visit Kashmir everyear to spend their holidays. You can start your business in this sector and start earning money. It's a lot of potential. There are already so many tourism businesses who are making decent amount of money from this business.

Poultry Farm Business

As a Kashmir, you would be aware of the fact that we Kashmiris consume a lot of poultry. As per the KASHMIRLIFE.NET, Kashmir's consumption of poultry is 2.23 Lakh Kgs for RS 2.79 crore Rupees per day. You can use this opportunity to start your business. You can also start meat and eggs business that is quite profitable business in Kashmir.

Mushroom Cultivation Business

This is a very profitable business. Mushrooms can be grown in small wooden trays of 50 cm × 100 cm × 15 cm. You can start this business in home. This is a very demanding and healthy product. 

There are so many types of mushrooms like;
  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Wine Cap Mushrooms
  • Pioppino Mushrooms
  • Gucchi Mushrooms
  • Morel Mushrooms
  • Lion's Mane Mushrooms, etc.

Some Other Low Investment Business Ideas in Kashmir 

  • Blogging Business.
  • Social Media Marketing Business.
  • Waste Management and Recycling Business.
  • Content Creation Business.
  • Photography Business.
  • Tourist Guide Business.
  • House Rental Business.
  • Book Store Business.
  • Buy and Sell Second hand cars and bikes business.
  • Tour and Travels Business.
  • Dairy Production Business.
  • Fisheries Business.
  • Career counseling Business.
  • Content writing Business.
  • Event Planning Business.
  • E-Teaching Business.
  • Fashion Designing Business.
  • Fitness Guidance Business.
  • Healthcare Consulting Business.
  • Human Resource Consulting Business.
  • Real Estate Business.
  • SEO consulting Business.
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Low Investment Business Ideas in Kashmir 2023
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