Education Should Be Free For Everyone Essay 1000+ Words

Education Should Be Free Essay

Education Should Be Free For Everyone Essay
Education is the best tool which can be used to come out of poverty and backward mindset. The word "EDUCATION" is a Sanskrit word which means Siksha, meaning to teach. Education means the process of giving systematic instructions to pupils, especially in Schools and Universities.

Education is a tool by which we can make progress in every aspect of our lives. Education can be used to teach others good manners. It can also be used to change the world. It is what seperates us from other creatures. 

Everyone should receive education so that they can get awareness of their social and moral responsibilities. It increases our knowledge and understanding of things. It empowers one who gets it. It also makes us good humans. It instills humanity in us. 

Everyone person who wants to bring a change should get an education. Without education, we are nothing. It is a tool by which we can express ourselves. If we are educated, we will be respected at everywhere.  

In this era of modernization, everyone needs to be educated to earn their livelihood.  Without education there is no future. 

Education Should Be Free For Everyone

Education is a powerful tool for making bright future. Education should be free, because not every person cannot afford it. It is very unfortunate that schools and colleges charge high fee. Because of that many students prefer working over getting an education. The government should take several measures ie; making education free for everyone.

Education can be a very weapon to change the world. It can be used to alter the mindset of people. In addition, it can help us to eliminate corruption from our country. However, due to financial issues, not everyone is able to get education. Many poor people who struggle day and night for just feeding their children, can't afford it. They are left desperate and helpless. 

If our government makes some reforms in education system for poor people, then they may be able to send their wards to schools and colleges for education. The government should make education free for everyone. So that everyone can get benefit of free education.

Challanges Faced By Education System in India

The major challenges faced by education system are
  • Lack of Infrastructure.
  • Quality of Teachers.
  • Corruption.
  • High Dropout Rate.
  • Student Teacher Ratio.
  • Lack of Resources.
  • Subject-Centred.

Lack of Infrastructure

Funds should be allotted to schools especially to government for upgrading their infrastructure. It will attract more and more students for getting admissions in government schools.

Quality of Teachers

Teachers should be given special training for teaching students. They should be taught how to communicate effectively. 


Though the government provide funds to government schools and colleges, there are some corrupted officers who consume such funds. DBT technology should be used to transfer funds to beneficiaries. 

Subject Centred Curriculum

Even in 21st century, our education system is based on subjects. Subjects are given more importance than a child. There is an urgent need for upgradation of the curriculum. It should be child centred. Children should be given importance. As we all know, no two children are alike. They should be taught according to their capabilities.

Reasons Why Education Should be Free for Everyone

  • Free education can encourage poor people who can not afford education, send their wards to schools.
  • It can also help to reduce the percentage of dropouts.
  • To make people think rationally, education can help.
  • Education can also help us to boost our economy.
  • It can also help in making our country self-sufficient and self-reliant.
  • Since we have a lot of agricultural fields over here, education can help rural people in maximizing their agricultural production. 
  • It can help poor people to get jobs in government as well as private sectors.
  • Free education will create equality. There will be no elites or poor mindset people in the society.
  • Free education will help people not to indulge in taking loans from banks.
  • Free education will also encourage people to study in India rather than other countries.
  • Free education will help us in the advancement of science and technology.
  • It will also help us in identifying new talents.
  • Free education will help us in reducing the crime rate.
  • Free education will help children in pursuing their interests.
  • Free education will promote fairness. Because everyone will get equal opportunity to get education. 

Conclusion Why Education Should be Free For Everyone Essay

Getting an education is the fundamental right of every person. Education is very important tool for good life. It can help us in our social, political and economic growth. However, many people are not able to afford it. Therefore, they don't send their children to schools for getting education. 

Education should be free for everyone so that everyone can get education. It will enable them to think rationally. It will also help them in earning daily livelihood. If education is made free for everyone, the literacy rate would go up in one go.

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