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Benefits of E SHRAM CARD, Eligibility, and Documents Required?

A new website portal has been started by the Ministry of Labour and Employment of India called e-SHRAM, for the welfare of Labourers/Workers of the whole country. Those workers who register for e-SHRAM will get an Unique Identification Number Card (UAN).

The applicants can avail different benefits from the Government of India in future.

The aim of the Portal and initiative is to collect data of unorganised & skilled workers. The ones who register themselves may get employment and financial benefits in the future. 

Online Apply For E SHRAM Card

The Indian Govt launced E SHRAM Scheme for the wellbeing of unorganised workers.

The scheme (E SHRAM) was launched by Shri Narendra Modi. The Ministry of Labour and Employment launched the portal to get data of unorganised skilled labourers. 

The data will be used to launch new schemes and create employment for the benefit of the workers.

How To Apply For E SHARM ?

The candidates who want to apply for E SHRAM can register themselves https://register.eshram.gov.in/ using phone no linked to the Aadhar number.

Required Details For Applying E SHRAM 

1. Name.

2. Educational Qualification.

3. Occupation.

4. Permanent Address.

5. Family Details.

6. Skill and Experience Details.

7. Aadhaar Number.

8. Phone no linked to the Aadhaar Card.

9. Bank Account Details.

10. Bank IFSC Code.

Eligibility of E SHRAM Card

The candidates who want to apply for the card should be between 16-59 years old.

Candidates should not be an Income Tax Payer.

Candidates should not be EPFO and ESIC members.

Application Fee of E SHRAM CARD

There is no application fee for applying E SHRAM Card.

Benefits of E SHRAM CARD

Through this scheme workers can avail government schemes in the future.

The workers who register themselves can also get financial support in the near future.

The workers may also get employment opportunities from the government.

The workers will be provided insurance scheme ( Rs 2 Lakhs for accidental death & permanent disability and 1 Lakh for partial disabilities.)

Registration Guide For E SHRAM 

1. Visit to the official website of e-SHRAM via;


2. Now click on Register for e-SHRAM. You will be redirected to the registration page.

3. Fill up your details; Phone no linked to the aadhar card. Enter the Captcha.

4. Select the desired option regarding members of EPFO or ESIC.

5.Enter your bank details to complete the process.

6. If you don't have a Aadhar linked mobile phone number, you can avail free registration service by visiting the nearest CSE by using biometric Authentication sign-in and get yourself registered.

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