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Essay on The World Teacher's Day

History of World Teachers' Day

International Teachers' Day also called World Teachers' Day is observed on 5th of October every year. It was first celebrated in the year 1994. The day commemorates the adoption of the 1966 UNESCO recommendations concerning the teachers' status, sets the standards regarding the responsibilities, rights of teachers for their recruitment, further studies, recruitment, etc. The ultimate aim of the International Teachers' Day is to appreciate the efforts of educators all over the world.

Theme of World Teachers' Day 2021

This year, the theme of the International Teachers' Day is "Teachers at the heart of Education Recovery

This theme was presented by the UNESCO (United Nations) in respect of teachers of their hard efforts in these critical times.

Teachers' Day Summary

Someone has rightly said that the teachers are nation builders. They dedicate their whole lives to this profession. Also, teachers enable pupils to think rationally. They make students better humans. As we know, humanity has excelled in every area of life, be it medical, engineering, law, science & technology etc. The literacy rate is going up because of the dedication of teachers. Apart from academics, they impart moral values, kindness, empathy, etc in students.

Nearly, every country has dedicated a day for honouring the educators community. They teach students art, science etc. It's teachers community who make us independent. 

In India, National Teachers' Day is observed on 5th September every year. However, different countries observe the national teachers' day on different days. But the motive remains same "To honour teachers."

Teacher's Day Quotes

"Teachers are nation builders."

"Of all the professions, the teacher profession is the hardest one."

''Good teachers know how to bring best out of students.''
Essay on Teachers Day

International Teachers' Day Essay Conclusion

Teachers' Day is important for students as well as teachers. It's the day to appreciate the dedication & hardwork of teachers. 

5 Lines on Teachers' Day

  • World Teachers' Day also known as teachers day is observed on 5th of October every year.
  • The motive of the day is to honour the teachers community all over the world.
  • This year the theme of the International Teachers' Day is "Teachers' at the heart of education recovery.''
  • A great teacher makes great leaders.
  • They know how to bring best out of students.

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